Bed and Biscuit Bookings Quotation

Please note: We keep the Sabbath/Shabbat. No fee is charge for pet care during the Shabbat.

Grooming is available in our grooming parlour. Visit:

If you would like to make a booking for grooming, please let us know.


Please note: Our rate includes meals ONLY IF your dog is staying MORE THAN 7 days. If your dog is staying less than 7 days, we require you to bring your own dog food in order to prevent a tummy problem & unnecessary vet bills. You are also welcome to bring your own food if your dog is on a special diet. If your dog is staying more than 7 days, we ask that you bring enough food for a few days so that we may slowly introduce the new diet. We feed the highest quality food to your dog which is known as Hills Science diet pellets.

Important notice regarding payments:

A 25% nonrefundable deposit payment is required to secure your booking.

Early returns do not constitute refund of balance of accommodation due to the high demand of bookings & those who could have been accommodated.

Banking Details: Capitec Bank, Clarice White,

Acct number: 1326 94 5406, Branch: 470010. Ref: YOUR SURNAME

It is imperative to read our Terms and Conditions agreement and to verify the following:

  • All dogs must be spayed or neutered.
  • All inoculations up-to-date. Please email proof of inoculations and also, 7 days before arrival.

KENNEL COUGH inoculation must be given at least 2 weeks or more prior to check in.

  • De -worming has been given more than 1 week before arrival.

Email copy of Inoculations in order to confirm the health of your pet. Confirmation for your appointed booking will be given only after this has been done. 

  • Good flea protection is applied on or before arrival with extra application available for extended visits.
  • All items are clearly marked with names that are given for use.
  • MEDICATION: We do not charge for administering medications. We do ask that you CLEARLY write on the medication, all directions and reason for treatment. If you are not available while your pet is in care with us, we will visit the vet if required and stipulated in the Terms and Conditions, if there is any health concern while your pet is in our care.
  • De-Flea & De tick protection has been applied.

If your dog has any signs of illness such as upset tummy, coughing, we will refuse acceptance and you will be responsible for making other accommodation plans

This booking quotation is valid for 7 days. If no deposit payment has been made, your booking will be cancelled.