Established in 2001, we continue as a small ‘Family’ owned and operated business, providing individual attention for our canine guests. We have many years of experienced in caring for pets. We do so with compassion, understanding, patience and real Love. Our colourful cartoon mural depicting dogs on vacation, is how we feel. It spans over 100 meters along the N2 bringing smiles to passing traffic and has made us a landmark in the local area.


‘Your Pet needs Company Too’ is spoken from our hearts. We know they have feelings and miss their owners. We strive to fill that temporary void by treating them as a member of our happy family. Your ‘Canine Children’ will receive all the love, respect and attention they need! We guarantee it.


Dogs entered my life when I was a toddler and I can’t recall a day, since, when I did not have a furry friend or two always at my side. Years back when our family decided to go into the Pet Service Business, we first started out in Professional Grooming. You can view our grooming services at Where customers know our priorities are on PETS COMFORT and SAFETY first.


Our guests and their Owners just LOVE our extra large mature gardens. It’s Peaceful, Relaxing and Secure with walking trails and beautiful old Shade Trees. Nature provides an abundance of ‘Natural Critters’ keeping pets active and happy. Mole digging remains a favorite activity. Running off the ‘LA DI DA Birds is further entertainment and comical to watch and is every dog’s dream to actually catch one. (That never happens of course). We have garden benches scattered around the landscaping for relaxing and enjoy all the wonderful blessings bestowed on us, including Mans-Best-Friend.BED & BISCUIT.

With the multiple requests we received from our grooming customers seeking an alternative to kennels and caged boarding, we decided to opened our family home as a ‘Home away from Home’ fulfilling customers wishes.


In our care, all pets are treated as family with individual attention, with some, even getting a chance to sleep in the ‘BIG BED’. BOOK by PHONE: 021 852 5050 or use our ONLINE BOOKING SYSTEM