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♥   We have 24 hour loving care and supervision - We live here!

♥   Your pet is never alone. Your pet has the freedom to relax and roam our house exactly the same way that it does at home.

♥   Free constant access: to secure gardens allowing them to do what dogs love most: Dig, Play, Investigate Nature and Romp at will. Or, just dream the day away lazing on one of three stoeps!

♥   Less stressful: As opposed to large kennels with rows of barking dogs, our method best insures that each pet has a quiet, pleasant stay with lots of loving, personal attention.

♥   Happy Feelings: Pets who have been adopted from a welfare organization might feel they are being abandoned again or taken back.  With us your pet will have no fear of that ever happening. It will not be isolated or confined to a pen with run.

♥   Friendly Human Contact.  With regular ear rubs, back scratches, hugs and lap time it WILL feel LOVED and know that it’s part of a family.  OUR FAMILY!   


♥   Your pet will make friends and have it's own holiday at our "HOME AWAY FROM HOME".


FOR A BOOKING:  CALL:  021 85250     OR ... Complete our ONLINE  FORM.