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Pets are required to be healthy and have proof of current vaccinations. You can fax proof of current vaccines to us at 021 852 5050


For cageless boarding, your pet needs to be sterilized.


We require that your pet be free of fleas/ticks and parasites.  Please bring an application of Frontl Line or Advantage for us to apply to your pet.  


For pets on medication and special diets, don't forget to bring their medications and special diets with you.   We will happily ensure all medication/tablets and food is taken as per your and Vet's instructions. 


It's not a good idea to bring anything new or expensive.  This is 'doggie world' and there is nothing better than being mischievous and sinking those cute little teeth in that nice fancy new doggie bed, especially when it's not your own;  or shredding grandma's favourite blanket in a wonderful game of tug-o-war.  


With Pets in OUR care you can Relax and Enjoy your Holiday!    Check In/Out is at 10.00 am Monday to Friday.   Call 021 852 5050